Eric Zhang


I am a student at Harvard University studying computer science and mathematics, as well as a competitive programmer and musician.

I love thinking about programming languages, graphics, machine learning, and systems. Recently, I wrote a photorealistic renderer, a compiled Datalog engine in Rust used by security researchers, and a real-time semantic segmentation library for autonomous vehicles. Currently, I maintain Set with Friends and am building a modern math typesetting system.

At Harvard, I have previously been a teaching fellow for Data Structures and Algorithms, as taught by Michael Mitzenmacher, and Artificial Intelligence, as taught by Boaz Barak and Milind Tambe. This semester, I am a teaching fellow for Operating Systems, as taught by James Mickens. Aside from teaching, I am involved on campus with chamber music and theatre productions. I was also principal viola of the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra.

I wrote a physics book for high school students with Branislav Kisačanin, which was recently published by AIP. The free PDF version is available online here.

Eric Zhang

Competitive Programming

In high school, I won two gold medals representing the US at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), placing 7th globally. I also ranked highly in the national math and physics olympiads, and I compete on Harvard's ICPC team.

I have written and tested problems for major national and international programming competitions, including the following:

My advanced algorithm and data structure library is available here. If you are looking for tutoring, I have previously taught recorded courses with Alphastar Academy for motivated students aiming to perform at a high level in programming competitions.


Current (Spring 2021)
  • CS 221: Computational Complexity
  • Math 132: Differential Topology
  • MIT 6.824: Distributed Systems Engineering
  • MIT 6.838: Shape Analysis
Past (2019–2020)
  • Math 55a: Studies in Algebra and Group Theory (notes)
  • Math 55b: Studies in Real and Complex Analysis (notes)
  • Math 118r: Dynamical Systems (project)
  • Stat 210: Graduate Probability I (notes)
  • CS 153: Compilers
  • CS 161: Operating Systems
  • CS 223: Random Processes and Algorithms (project)
  • CS 228: Computational Learning Theory (notes, project)
  • CS 252r: PL/AI Graduate Seminar (notes, project)
  • CS 263: Systems Security (project)
  • MIT 6.837: Computer Graphics (project)
  • Music 189r: Chamber Music Performance