Eric Zhang


I am a student at Harvard University studying mathematics and computer science, as well as a competitive programmer and musician.

I enjoy programming and am often working on projects. My recent work has been on semantic segmentation at Nvidia, and a logic programming engine inspired by research at Harvard's programming languages group. Currently, I'm working on a physically-based path tracer, generative music models based on Langevin dynamics, and taint analysis for web fingerprinting. I'm also thinking about how to design robust web applications.

My academic interests are in algorithms, machine learning, and programming languages. I was a teaching fellow for CS 124 (Data Structures and Algorithms) in Spring 2020, taught by Michael Mitzenmacher. This semester, I am a teaching fellow for CS 182 (Artificial Intelligence), taught by Milind Tambe and Boaz Barak.

I wrote a physics book for high school students with Branislav Kisańćanin, which was recently published by AIP. The free PDF version is available online here.

Eric Zhang

Competitive Programming

In high school, I won two gold medals representing the US at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), placing 7th globally. I also ranked highly in the national math and physics olympiads, and I compete on Harvard's ICPC team.

I have written and tested problems for major national and international programming competitions, including the following:

In addition, I maintain an advanced algorithm and data structure library available here. If you are looking for tutoring, I've previously taught recorded courses with Alphastar Academy for motivated students aiming to perform at a high level in programming competitions.


Current (Fall 2020)
  • Stat 210: Graduate Probability I (notes)
  • CS 263: Systems Security (project)
  • CS 252r: PL/AI Graduate Seminar (notes, project)
  • MIT 6.837: Computer Graphics (project)
  • Math 118r: Dynamical Systems (project)
  • CS 182: Artificial Intelligence (Teaching Fellow)
Past (2019–2020)
  • Math 55a: Studies in Algebra and Group Theory (notes)
  • Math 55b: Studies in Real and Complex Analysis (notes)
  • CS 153: Compilers
  • CS 161: Operating Systems
  • CS 223: Random Processes and Algorithms (project)
  • CS 228: Computational Learning Theory (notes, project)
  • Music 189r: Chamber Music Performance