Eric Zhang Writing

Notes and Tutorials

Stat 211: Statistical Inference
December 1, 2021
Graduate-level class discussing inference on statistical models, frequentist and Bayesian perspectives.
CS 252r: PL Design Studio
November 16, 2021
Graduate seminar class exploring programming languages for verification, differentiation, compilation, logic, etc.
Math 132: Differential Topology
April 21, 2021
Smooth manifolds, transversality, intersection theory, differential forms, Stokes' theorem, and cohomology.
CS 252r: Programming Languages + AI
December 10, 2020
Graduate seminar class on topics at the intersection of programming languages and artificial intelligence.
Stat 210: Probability
December 3, 2020
Graduate-level probability class providing foundational material for statistics PhD students.
F=ma Solutions Manual
October 23, 2020
Instructive solutions for nine years of past F=ma physics competition problems.
Kinetic Tournaments
August 30, 2020
A fast, kinetic data structure that offers flexibility, a simple implementation, and interesting combinatorial analysis.
CS 228: Computational Learning Theory
July 12, 2020
Graduate-level class on computational learning theory taught by Leslie Valiant, Turing award laureate.
Math 55b: Analysis and Topology
April 29, 2020
The second semester of Math 55, a rigorous first-year math class. Point-set and algebraic topology, real analysis, and complex analysis.
Math 55a: Abstract and Linear Algebra
December 21, 2019
The first semester of Math 55, a rigorous first-year math class. Group theory, abstract linear algebra, and representation theory.

Academic Writing

Designing Datalog-Based Embedded Languages
March 24, 2023
My senior thesis, where I design and implement two logic programming languages, present case studies on their real-world usage, and evaluate them as systems.
Tandem Solar Cells
December 13, 2022
Fabrication and characterization of a tandem solar device. Final project for MIT class 6.2540 on nanofabrication.
Multi-Architecture Parallelism
December 11, 2022
Envisioning flexible parallelism in deep learning compilers on heterogeneous compute. Final project for CS 243, Advanced Computer Networks.
Pressure Field Models
December 8, 2021
Efficient simulation of contact dynamics using a hydroelastic intersection model. Final project for 6.834, Robotic Manipulation.
Pencil Sketch Rendering
May 21, 2021
Real-time stylized rendering of meshes and SDFs using geometry processing techniques. Final project for 6.838, Shape Analysis.
Time-Space Lower Bounds
May 6, 2021
An technical exposition of Ran Raz's strong hardness result for learning problems. Final project for CS 221, Advanced Computational Complexity.
3-Inflatable Permutations
January 29, 2021
Mathematics research paper, published in the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (E-JC).
Taint Analysis for Browser Fingerprinting
December 11, 2020
Dynamic taint analysis for user privacy on the web. Final project for CS 263, Systems Security.
Generative Music Modeling
December 8, 2020
Composing music by annealed Langevin dynamics and noise-conditional score networks. Final project for CS 252r, Advanced Topics in Programming Languages and AI.
Lorenz Attractor Bifurcations
November 23, 2020
Presentation on chaos theory of the Lorenz system, local and global bifurcations. Final project for Math 118r, Chaotic Dynamical Systems.
October 15, 2020
Seminar presentation on learned inductive program synthesis (published in ICLR 2017) for CS 252r, Advanced Topics in Programming Languages and AI.
Compression-Based Generalization Bounds
May 14, 2020
Survey of modern research in deep learning theory. Final project for CS 228, Computational Learning Theory.
Single Bidder Auctions
December 10, 2019
Survey of research in mechanism design and optimal transport theory. Final project for CS 223, Random Processes and Algorithms.
On Quasirandom Permutations
May 20, 2018
Talk introducing new forcing results on quasirandom permutations. This solved an open problem in combinatorics.